Throwing A Party For Your Best Friend

If your best friend is about to tie the knot and you have been given the honour of being the maid of honour, one of your main duties is to organize a bridal shower for your best friend. The party that you choose to throw for your best friend can vary be anything from a quiet traditional bridal shower with her female family members and best friends to a wild night out on the town in true bachelor party style. In fact, you can even choose to host both parties, and even a combination of the two. There are no rules to the kind of party you can throw your bride to be best friend but it would completely depend on your best friend’s personality and the type of person she is.

Suitable place

You will need to start looking out for bridal shower venues Docklands. You can either choose to have the party at a hotel or an event venue or you can choose to have the bridal shower in the bride’s home. Bridal shower parties are traditionally held at home and consists of all the bride’s female relatives from her grandmother to her aunts. All these guests will usually bring the bride gifts that she will need for her life after the wedding and the traditional bridal shower is usually a quiet, decent event. 

A hen party or a bachelorette party on the other hand is an event akin to a groom to be’s bachelor party as is more of a wild night with the bride’s best friends. Traditionally both these events have always been women only but this trend is changing with time. The venue that you choose for a bachelorette party will be different from your venue chosen for a bridal shower. You can have the party at a beautiful waterfront venue or at a club or restaurant that you hire for the night. 

If the bride and groom are best friends and have a great relationship with each other and with each other’s friends, you can even choose to have a joint bachelor bachelorette party. These parties are becoming more and more common as the relationships between men and women are changing. In fact, in the past bachelor parties used to be wild, rowdy events with strippers and other boisterous activities but with women becoming more independent and couples becoming closer, these activities are seen today as a form of cheating and therefore bachelor parties have become mellower while bridal bachelorette parties are becoming wilder than the traditional bridal shower.

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