The Beverages We Taste, Sip And Guzzle

Different LifestylesOur personalized lifestyle is resonated by our interest in life, the accessories and necessities we own, and by our reactions to various political, social movements of the world. Some people want to join a revolution, some want to discourage a revolution, while some are happy to be on the sidelines, looking at the metamorphosis in apprehension, distaste or disinterest. For example, the beverages we consume, represent our interests in life. The Trendsetters and Trend FollowersThe trendsetters and the trend followers will follow the movement of soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. “The Coke within arm’s reach” strategy used by the company, made Coca-Cola available in most outlets in a country. When a person goes to a fast-food restaurants like KFC, Burgher King or McDonald’s, most meal bundles include coke as the immediate drink that goes with the meal. This is how Coca-Cola has become popular. Meanwhile in countries like India, popular figures like Salman Khan, MS Dhoni, Ranbir Kapoor, Virendar Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, endorsing Pepsi, has made Pepsi more popular than Coke. The trend has been set, and the followers will purchase Pepsi as the ultimate soft drink in India. This is how trendsetters and trend followers morph their lifestyles, according to popular products and brands of the present world.The Health Conscious IndividualThere is a rising awareness and interest in drinking healthy beverages. Organic drinks, fresh juices, herbal teas are starting to become quite popular. Although this popularity can be affiliated with the trend followers, it is more important to the people maintaining a health conscious lifestyle. They will say no carbonated drinks and alcoholic drinks that are bad for one’s livers, kidneys and weight, and try to drink only organic beverages for sustenance. Moreover fresh vegetables and fruits, including many super foods like kale, broccoli, apples, and lean meats will be part of their diet. So this is how the health conscious person will start to model his/her lifestyle according to his/her interests.The ConservativesThe Conservatives are less prone towards trying innovative drinks in the beverage industry, and look at new products in disdain and mistrust. They are satisfied with the cartons of milk or juice, or bottles of alcohol, they’ve been buying for years, and will be lethargic towards changing themselves with changing times. There could also be a man who is disinterested in anything but clean water. He will ensure that his glass of water comes from the cleanest source. He will be interested in water enhancement and purification products. He would want to buy alkaline water Australia, if he feels his glass of water, is raising the acidity levels in his body, which in return will agitate the systems in the body, and making the body vulnerable to 200 odd diseases that can rise from acidity. This is how the conservative would rearrange his life according to his desires. The Jazz and Wine LoverThe affluent crowd will be into fine dining and fine wines. They will be interested in listening to jazz music, while eating a small plate of cheese, with a glass of quality wine from the vineyards in Italy. High quality and expensive beverages will be part of the affluent person’s life. While our various idiosyncrasies may set us apart, it is important to remember that beneath the various masks we wear in life, that we are all equal. This will ensure the mutual coexistence of different kinds of people with different tastes, dreams and different lifestyles with different accessories, in a globalized world.

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