Advantages Of A Well Written Cover Letter

When one thinks of a cover letter, they automatically think of job application. But cover letters are not exclusive to interviewees. Even businesses write cover letters, using them to sell themselves and explain what they bring to the table when they seek connections. The same theme should remain for every job applicant. In today’s competitive job market, it is not enough to send a resume, however qualified one is. Employers do not simply look for qualifications. They also seek out strong personalities that will be able to advance their company agenda. The cover letter gives the job applicant a chance to sell their personality.

In the past, job applications involved sending paper resumes through the normal mail. Even then, savvy and futuristic job application coaches recommended cover letter writing services. The cover letter in the past was only an enclosed document in the mail. There would be a phrase in the resume directing the employer with the phrase “enclosed please find…” Fast forward a few years and the cover letter has become an essential. Applicants have to not only include a cover letter but tailor it to the specific job, or their resumes will not even get a second glance. The cover letter will get the applicant the attention they need to improve their chances of landing the job. It enhances the resume, and gives the employee a platform to answer those questions employers ask themselves about their potential employees. It explains how the individual’s core skills apply to the specific requirement of the job.

With hundreds of resumes to look at and little time to work, employers do not spend a lot of time on each resume. In the rush, they might miss details about qualifications that make an employee stand out in the context of that specific job. The cover letter emphasizes the positive attributes in the resume. Make reference to a strong point in the resume or an important accomplishment. This way, the employer knows what to look for in the resume. The resume is a short document and often only has lists. A list of past jobs does not explain the experiences garnered. The cover letter gives one a chance to explain their strengths further. 

The cover letter explains the personality of the prospective employee. Personality has become so important in the job seeking process that some employees conduct personality tests of their employees. A good cover letter gives the person reading it the feeling of wanting to meet the applicant because of their communication strengths. One will seem like they want to say something and bring a strong personality to the job. The cover letter is the best selling point. The resume is important, but limited in scope. In the cover letter, one has greater freedom of expression. They can use this to connect with their prospective employer and stand out from the competition. It also gives the applicant a chance to explain their contribution to the company in which they are interested.

The job market is getting more aggressive by day. One must take all the chances they get to explain their suitability.