How To Make Your Car Feminine Without Going The Barbie Route

Did you inherit or get a vehicle as a present? It might be for your 18th birthday, or even your graduation gift. If it’s a used vehicle, then more often than not it is a family vehicle. If you want to make your practical and masculine vehicle into something more feminine to suite you, then here are a few tips to help you out.

  • The vehicle model selection – if you are yet to buy a vehicle, then along with all the functions, the payment for it, the ease of it for driving and the smoothness of it’s travelling, remember to also look for a model that doesn’t look too masculine. Without a doubt, you can “convert” even an extremely masculine vehicle into something more feminine; but your task will only get easier if you select a model that is not too masculine to begin with.
  • The color of your vehicle – if you have something against pink, you have no reason to select that color just so you can make your car less masculine. However, if you are against only that “Barbie” pink, and don’t mind something along the line of a peach or a hot pink, then you can at least use those common girly colors for the accent color, rather than the whole car. Certain blues, greens and purples too can be considered girly without being over so.
  • The decorations you have on the outside – if you don’t mind pasting a few stickers on the outside of your vehicle, it’s a great way to make your vehicle less masculine. You can choose to opt for ideal custom stickers that will suit you, and can even give your vehicle a feminine touch without even having to change its body color. From flowers, to female superheroes, to even girl power quotes, you have so many, many options to choose from.
  • The decorations on the dash and the rearview mirror – say you’re using a car that you have plans of selling off in the near future. Chances are that you wouldn’t want to paste personalized car decals or change the body color into something less popular among buyers. If you want a feminine touch for your vehicle that is not very permanent, then opt for girly toys and decorations for the inside of your vehicle. If you’re not a fan of soft toys or ornaments littering your dashboard or hanging from your rearview mirror, then even something like a girly backseat organizer can give your vehicle the feminine touch you crave. And the best part? Something like this can be highly useful; storing everything from tissue boxes and water bottles to an extra change of clothes and emergency makeup.
  • The girly cover project – another easy to install and easy to take off option is covers. Seat covers, steering wheel covers, clutch covers, head rest covers…again you have plenty to choose from.
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