The Revolutionary Effects Of Mobile App Software

Technology has revolutionized human life with monstrous proportions. Designed for us by us, the benefits of technology are innumerable. In fact, superlatives like “incredible” and “marvelous” are too little of words to describe the uncountable benefits that technology has endowed our universe. It is even impossible to visualize how humans survived before without all this technology. How was life without phones? How was life without iOS and android? Anyone will agree with me that these are pretty difficult questions to answer; and if answered, the clarity of the change and revolution brought by technology will be indisputable.

For several decades now, mobile phones have graced our planet. A “global village” is the term mostly used to sum up the abilities of mobile phones. However long gone are the days of “ancestral phones”. These were phones primarily designed for calling and text messaging. Smartphones are the new hit. They are designed to fit and flow with the modern human life. Terms like “life companion” have since been used to describe smartphones. A smartphone is a phone designed to operate on a secondary operating system with the capability of being installed with secondary apps. A mobile app software developer is a person with the abilities to code the pieces of software.

Currently, android and iOS are the biggest market contenders of the mobile operating system. Windows has been on the market for long, but it is until recently with the release of window 8 mobile operating system that they decided to launch a serious campaign to also gain a considerable market share. Windows formerly used HTC phones as the primary devices for their operating system but they have changed tactics and are now using Nokia. iOs is a closed version of an operating system and is used by their owners apple in running the famous iPhone. Google’s android is an open source operating system and many mobile manufactures have used it to run on their devices. Notable android device manufactures include Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo etc.

There are currently millions of android and apple devices on the market. The rise and rise of smartphones prompted a similar unrelenting growth of mobile application. For instance, different android app development firms and individuals have led to a baffling number of applications on the Google play store. Skip this part if yours ache on seeing many numbers! Latest statics have surprised the world with a figure like 1,257,708 applications on the Google play store. Similarly, the iPhone app store prides itself with a total of 1,200,000 applications! 16 percent of this are mostly games, 33 percent of the apps in the iPhone store are free while the android counterpart offers 63 percent free apps.

From simple apps designed for note-taking too complicated interactive apps, the different app stores offer innumerable choices to enable the tackling of almost anything in the daily human life. Using an iphone app development for hairdressing like the timeout application will keep you up to date with all the brilliant and exciting events in the big loud city. It simply shows what Sidney has to offer.